You Must tryout the Live Dealer Roulette Action at the Global Live Casino because it is Astonishing

If you have never played live dealer roulette before you really should try it at least once in your life. After all, it is one of the most popular games at You have more than likely seen it being played 1,000's of times in either the movies or on TV shows. My favorite place to play is called the Global Live Casino.

The reason this game is so popular is because you can make a ton of money playing it very quickly. You can make bets that pay anywhere from 2 to 1, to 35 to 1. I like playing the big odds bets and when I hit I leave my winnings out there and try to hit twice in a row.

If you are not doing anything at the moment, why not take out your calculator and add up what hitting a 35 to 1 shot and then leaving all that money on the table and hitting a second time in a row adds up to. It is a staggering amount and that is exactly why I love this online casino game so much.

I do not win every time I try this strategy, but I win enough that when it hits it makes up for all of my loses and put a nice chuck of change in my pocket. If you have a few free minutes why not head over to their website and review for yourself everything else they have to offer?

Of course there are a number of strategies to choose when you do play, one of which I like is instead of placing all your chips on one number, is to place most of your chips on that number and cover the numbers around it with a few chips too. That way if you hit your favorite number you still win 35-1 on your main bet, but a percentage on the other bets depending on where they are placed. Aside from this if you hit another number around yours, you may win back your stake or part of your stake so it gives you slightly better odds of staying in the game. You could do evens betting which involves doubling your bet on black or red for instance every time you lose (until you win then the idea is to walk), but where is the fun in that?

If you are also a fan of poker, head on over to pokertexasbonus. It's also common on many poker sites for them to use a live dealer - particularly when playing on smaller tables with no limit.